Technology To Help You Stay Healthy

Nowadays there are so many apps and programs that people can download that will help them reach and stay healthy. Depending on what your health goals are, there is most likely a piece of technology that can help you get there. Different health devices are constantly coming out on the market giving consumers numerous options to choose from to help them get healthy. This article will talk about some of the newly released pieces of technology and ones that are soon to be developed that will help you stay healthy.

Wearable Tech

The newest health trend is wearable technology that can monitor various aspects of your health by simply putting it on. A smartwatch can be used to track and measure a number of health-related factors. Most smartwatches can measure your heart rate, sleep pattern, steps you have taken, and calories you’ve burned throughout the course of the day. Tracking and evaluating that kind of information can give you the upper hand in developing a specific health plan that will work for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Now, artificial intelligence is playing a role in how we choose our diets. New technology, such as SmartPlate users face recognition technologies to identify your food and gather information. SmartPlate will gather information about your food through the scale provided with the product as well as a picture you can take with your smartphone. Information will be processed about what how many macronutrients you are consuming as well as calories. This kind of technology has promising potential for any individual along their health journey.

Genetic Profiling

You may have heard about the trend of genetic profiling. Usually what genetic profiling has been used for is to discover your ancestors and where your genetic line has come from. Some companies have found a way to use this technology to identify what health plan would be best fit for you. Based off of your genetic makeup, companies like Muhdo while suggest a dietary plan that would best fit the results. This information should be taken with a grain of salt. Depending on what your overarching health or fitness goals are, the dietary suggestions from Mudho might not equal what it is you are trying to achieve. In any sense, this is another form of technology that has serious promise to individuals in the future to tailor a health program that can benefit anyone’s health goals.


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