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80% Reduction of Pain After 1st Visit

Stanley Mathew, MD, is an exceptional pain medicine specialist and physiatrist. Dr. Mathew provides services at American Rehabilitation Medicine in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Dubuque, Iowa, for patients who have chronic pain conditions that affect the back and neck, joints, as well as migraines.

Dr. Mathew is a native of New York, where he spent 10 years as medical director of St. Luke’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He began his career studying for a medical degree at the Medical University of Lublin in Poland. In 2006, Dr. Mathew took up an internship at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Department of Internal Medicine in New York City. He then moved on to New York Medical College in Valhalla for his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In his final year, Dr. Mathew served as chief resident.

Dr. Mathew holds board certifications from the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Board of Disability Analysts, and the American Board of Pain Medicine. Among his particular interests are pain management, spinal and musculoskeletal medicine, spasticity management, electrodiagnostics, and both pre and post-operative management of orthopedic and neurosurgical patients.

In his own words, Dr. Mathew believes, “Humans are too complex to relegate diagnosis and treatment solely to ‘processes.’ Great physicians always apply an artist’s sensibility. Diagnosis requires an artist’s eye, a writer’s ear for dialogue, and a sense of composition.”

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